Lush is opening its first packaging-free store in the UK

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Lush is taking a stand against plastic waste with their products – have you seen the packaging-free lipsticks? – and now they’re planning to reduce waste by opening a ‘naked’ store in the UK. It will stock all of your Lush favourites with a slight difference – everything they sell will be packaging-free. The shop will be on Market Street in Manchester and will open on January 18th.

The company has already launched ‘naked’ stores in Europe, with branches in Berlin and Milan also championing the plastic-free initiative.

So how does it work? Yes, you can get your bath bombs and shampoo bars without packaging, but what about the bottled products like shower gels? Instead of picking up the plastic, you can opt for a bubble bar instead. All of your faves will be recreated in solid form – from deodorants to facial cleansers – so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet without changing a thing.

‘Naked’ products make up almost 50% of Lush’s core range, and in 2017 they reportedly sold almost 800,000 ‘naked’ items, hugely reducing their packaging.

Product inventor Alessandro Commisso’s statement on the Lush website reads: ‘With the naked shop we don’t just want to offer beautiful products to our customers, we want to use this as an opportunity for discussion. It’s pretty much about debating these topics with the public, with the media, and with Lush customers to find out where to go next.

Online orders will also be plastic-free with cardboard-only packaging.

Will you join the ‘naked’ revolution?

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