10 Points to Consider Before Having Your First Laser Eye Surgery, Lasik

So you’ve decided to have LASIK surgery. What a thrill! However, as the procedure approaches, your nerves may begin to fray. Not to fear, this post will cover everything you need to know before LASIK laser vision correction so you can arrive relaxed, calm, and collected. LASIK is a type of laser eye surgery that is used to treat blurred vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It can serve as an alternative to or lessen the glasses or contact lenses requirement. It is both safe and efficient to correct vision.

In this process, an excimer laser is used to remove corneal tissue from the inner surface in the center area, after which the corneal flap is replaced and allowed to stick naturally.

Be Truthful About Your Medical History

Gather your medical history information as part of your LASIK eye surgery consultation preparation. Your doctor must have all of the pertinent information in your chart. Don’t hide or minimize your ocular or medical problems, medications, or allergies.

 Your doctor can only utilize the information you choose to offer, so provide as much detail as possible. Make no personal assumptions about what is important to your doctor. Let them make that decision.

Consume More Water Before a Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Water makes up 60% of your body. Every tissue, cell, and organ requires water to function properly. Water helps you stay hydrated, eliminate waste, and promote healing. Because laser eye surgery can temporarily leave your eyes more prone to dryness, it’s critical to hydrate from the inside out. The use of OTC artificial tears will also assist in reducing the sensation of dryness after your therapy. You can also read more about Dealing with the post effects of LASIK eye surgery by visiting https://brusselsobserver.com/dealing-with-the-post-effects-of-lasik-eye-surgery/

Staying hydrated has no disadvantages! It is suggested that you consume at least eight 8-oz glasses of water every day. This is beneficial to laser eye treatment. Drinking alcohol before LASIK surgery can dehydrate you and interfere with the drugs used during the operation, so avoid it on the day of surgery.

Can I Consume Caffeine Before LASIK?

We want you to be relaxed and tranquil during the operation. Caffeine can dehydrate you but also make you nervous and impede your ability to relax, concentrate, and be still during surgery.

Can I drink alcohol before my LASIK procedure?

There are no restrictions on what you can and cannot drink in the days preceding your LASIK operation. However, for a few reasons, we suggest you avoid drinking alcohol on the day of the treatment. Alcohol, like caffeine, dehydrates. We would avoid anything that could aggravate your dry eyes on the day of surgery, especially if you had dry eyes before LASIK. Also, before surgery, you will be given an oral sedative to help you relax, which should not be taken with alcohol. Although you will be calm, you will be aware throughout the operation, and drinking can make attention more difficult. You will be given an oral pain reliever immediately after surgery; this should not be taken with alcohol.

Is it okay to use eye drops before LASIK?

During your initial visit, one of the criteria we consider when determining whether surgery is a safe option is your tear film. Certain medical disorders or drugs can sometimes make individuals more prone to dryness. You may be advised to utilize over-the-counter artificial tears to increase the quality of your tear film. If you use medicated eye drops, tell your doctor so they can better advise you on whether you should stop taking them in the days leading up to the day of your surgery. If you use allergy eye drops or decongestants, you should discontinue them on the day before surgery but can typically resume them the next day.

Wearing Contacts Before LASIK

Contact lens wearers may find it especially difficult to prepare for LASIK. Before LASIK surgery, you will be requested to refrain from wearing contact lenses. Their substance determines the length of time you must be without contact lenses. It would help if you refrained from using soft lenses for 5 to 7 days before your pre-operative checkup and surgery. If you wear toric lenses to treat astigmatism, you will need to take them out for 10 to 14 days. For other types of specialty lenses, you will be told how long you must be without them prior to surgery during your initial appointment.

Many people wonder why you have to quit using contacts before having LASIK. That is an excellent question! Contact lenses can affect the shape of your eye’s front surface, the cornea, and corneal measurements are critical in LASIK calculations. When you come in for your initial consultation, ask how long you should go without wearing contacts before LASIK.

Why Must You Stop Wearing Contacts Before LASIK?

Can you wear contacts before having LASIK? The simple answer is no. After your consultation, you should avoid using contact lenses until your dilated pre-op exam and surgery. This will help your cornea to return to its original form. No matter how well you maintain them, contact lenses also house bacteria. Because the bacteria could potentially raise the risk of infection, it’s another reason to avoid wearing contact lenses before LASIK.

The question is, may I wear contact lenses after laser eye surgery? In most cases, the answer is no during the postoperative time. They are drying and can host bacteria that might impede healing. The aim is that you won’t need them after you’ve healed completely. If you do, you should be able to wear them without issue. You will, however, require a new prescription and fitting.

Is it necessary to wear glasses before LASIK?

Do you have to wear glasses if you don’t have contacts before LASIK? It all depends on your prescription and how much you rely on corrective glasses. It can be challenging to avoid wearing contacts before a LASIK appointment if you have a high prescription. It is critical, however, that you can function comfortably without contact lenses in the days preceding your surgery. If you need new glasses, make sure to obtain them.

Wear No Makeup, Perfume, Or Fragrance

Makeup can interfere with the drugs and lasers used during surgery, so avoid wearing any on the day of surgery. On the day before the operation, avoid using any scented items, perfume, or scents. These products may interfere with air quality, which is strictly controlled by systems that manage temperature, humidity, and purity.

Prepare mentally because you will be awake during surgery.

You are given sedative medicine before LASIK to help you relax. However, unlike other surgeries, laser eye surgery will be performed while you are conscious. Be prepared to pay close attention. Some individuals are afraid of being awake, although it can be exciting to observe what’s happening right in front of your eyes.


Hopefully, you now better understand how to prepare for eye surgery. There aren’t many things to do before having laser eye surgery. Except eat something before you show up. Is it safe to eat before having LASIK surgery? You certainly can! Unlike many procedures, this one does not require general anesthesia. Food will also help with the pain medicine provided shortly after surgery to help lessen discomfort.

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